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Aug 21, 2014
Pikes Peak Tourney - BridgeResults

Pikes Peak Regional results can be seen at "BridgeResults".  CLICK HERE

Aug 21, 2014
Gerald Georges - Newest Platinum Life Master

Gerald Georges (El Paso Unit 159)  became a Platinum Life Master at the Pikes Peak Regional!   Going into Sunday’s Swiss Team, he needed a little more than six points to reach 10,000 masterpoints.  

His team (partner Gary Sawyer, Alto,NM,  and  En Hay paired with Allen Kane of Highlands Ranch, CO) came in fifth overall and earned 9.53 MPs – more than enough.  

Congratulations Gerald!


Jul 3, 2014
NAP Conditions of Contest

NAP conditions of contest have been revised.  Click here.

Jun 18, 2014
Come Meet Phyllis Harlan at Indian Paintbrush Sectional

 Phyllis Harlan, ACBL President,  will be attending the Indian  Paintbrush Sectional in Cheyenne, Wyoming (September 19-21).  The  Cheyenne Unit will be hosting a reception after the 3pm game on  Saturday September 20th.  Come meet Phyllis. 

 The Indian Paintbrush Sectional will be held at the Laramie County  Community College, 1400 E College Dr, Cheyenne, WY; contact Kym  Zwonitzer kzwon@aol.com


May 27, 2014
2014 Grand National Team Winners !

The District Finals for the GNTs for 2014 were held at the Denver Regional.  The winning teams were as follows:
Flight A (7 teams)  --  Barbara Dunkley, Diane Graese, and George Vasilevsky and Barbara Vasilevsky collected 30 gold masterpoints each and the right to play in the NABC on their "home court".  They are all Las Vegas players.
Flight B (17 teams) --  Bill Stoltey, Gregory Herman, Dawn Foltz and Greg Foltz, all of Fort Collins CO., won their two day event an earned 26 gold masterpoints.
Flight C (11 teams) --  The Denver team of Karen Carlson, James Culhane, Robert Stansbury and Kevin Stansbury won the C flight. 
Open Flight (3 teams) -- Las Vegas players Sheri Winestock, Fred Gitelman, Joshua Donn along with Brad Moss, a Denver player, won the open GNT flight.
Congratulations to these GNT teams.  Good luck at the NABC finals in July.  Photos will be posted shortly.