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Mesa Highlights on BridgeResults

Mesa results can be seen at "Bridge Results".   Check out this fabulous software by CLICKING HERE.   Colorful reports, strength of field measures, Facebook like pop up player photos, and hand records.  If you register at the Bridgeresults website, you will get emails (or updates on a smart phone) about your events, plus how your friends and teammates are doing.  

Countdown for GNTs !

Deadline approaching!  Clubs can run Grand National Team (GNT) qualifying games until mid-May.  Its easy for teams to qualify for the next round which will be held at the Denver Regional in May.  To encourage Flight C teams this year, entry fees are waived for teams that compete in Denver!  Winning teams in Denver in each strat get their ticket punched for the big show:  the ACBL Finals at the Las Vegas NABC in July, collecting a generous $1,600 travel stipend from D17.  

GNT FAQs:  The GNT is a grassroots team event that starts at the club level and progresses to District and then NABC levels.  At the club, teams are classified as:  A=6000, B=2500, and C=500 or under non-Life Masters.  Qualifying games have elevated points - red and black.  The District 17 GNT Finals will be on the weekend of the Denver tourney in May.  ACBL Finals are in our District this year, the Summer NABC in Vegas!

Directors:  A $4/team sanction fee is sent to the District GNT Chairman (Rod Southworth) for every GNT qualifying game.  These fees, along with the fees from GNT Fund Raiser games, are consolidated to form the travel subsidy given to each team attending the District 17 Finals.  Naturally, teams traveling to Denver from the farthest locations, get a larger portion of the “travel subsidy pie”. 

In addition to the GNT Qualifying games, each sanctioned club game may have one GNT fund raiser game a year with 100% sectional black points.  For each fund raiser game, the additional fee is $3 per table.  It can be a team game or a pair game.  

Your District 17 GNT Chairman (Rod Southworth,  Southworth15@yahoo.com ) encourages all units to support the GNTs.   Many players love team games, so give you gang a chance to hone their skills and encourage your teams to play in Denver.

Click here for more information.

Congratulations to Grand Life Master Robb Gordon

The newest Grand Life Master in District 17 is Robb Gordon!  Robb is the Arizona-At-Large representative for D17.  Congratulations Robb on this very rare masterpoint milestone.